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Friday, July 6, 2018

                                 The life of a rubber
Hi! i am a rubber i have a miserable life living in a silent pencil case. Anywho. I have two magnificent friends. One is hafe using so is me and my other friend they are really spectacular friends.  one day my owner was   in a extremely bad way and grabbed me careful out of the pencil case good luck one of my friend replied as i got  closer and closa ahhh !rubb rubb rubb  waiting for this moment to end as she carefully put me down. Angry eshoes! I angrily said to my wonderful friends.  the first time i was waiting for the experiment to continue until i got sick of it. Stop! I said. but they  didn't hear as my miserable friends light anyway that was the worst experiment ever i thought to myself as i glanced my friends my name is mere 

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awapuni me

this is about me and we are learning about blogs and we are making blogs it very fun